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Charlie McGrath and Doug Owen talk Money, Debt Scams, Ukraine developments, synthetic celebrity meats, among many good rants in Doomcast 34. Special thanks goes out to those that donated and became club 33 members, and please continue to support our completely Doomer supported podcast!

In this episode Blacklisted Radio, Doug Owen interviews Gonzalo Lira on his new novel, A Secret History of The American Crash. 

The book has a fun, yet tragically plausible, scenario of what could play out in America one day. I found it just over the top enough to keep me reading!

“What will happen when the frayed bonds between Americans finally snap, and the United States becomes a free-for-all? In this groundbreaking new novel, Gonzalo Lira creates a mind-blowing alternate history, showing in mesmerizing detail what could happen in an America that’s gone off the tracks. Written from the point of view of the year 2020, the Secret History presents the testimony of eye-witnesses to the events that marked and shaped America between 2014 and 2020″

Want to check it out? Download a FREE SAMPLER: Note your e-reader’s format: .epub is for iPad, Nook, Sony and most other brands, .mobi is for Kindle. Secret History SAMPLER .epub or Secret History SAMPLER .mobi

Doug Owen interviews Steve Horn. Steve gives us an in depth background on the private intelligence agency Stratfor, it’s and ties to high profile activist Srdja Popovic, Goldman Sachs, Fortune 500s, and the US’s alphabet agencies. Other topics include: Anonymous, Barret Brown, US pipelines, energy, fake green solutions, eminent domain, and much more.

Steve Horn is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in political science and legal studies, his writing has … See More appeared on The Guardian, The Huffington Post, The Nation, AlterNet, PR Watch, Truth-Out, FireDogLake’s “The Dissenter,” Common Dreams, Mondoweiss, Wisconsin Watch, Nation of Change, and


Ukraine,China,RT & Owen’s Snowden “Theory”

This episode we catch up, and talk about Charlies mission in China. We discuss Ukraine, China, and the RT anchors revolt among other observations and comments on agenda driven media.

In this episode, I focus primarily on the unfolding crisis in Ukraine. We also discuss the new revelations on Osama in Laden’s close relationship with the NSA which gives insight to the West’s financing of protests, politicians, and radicals in Venezuela and Syria today.

Yin and Yang: In the belated episode of Doomcast Doug Owen discusses the recent birth of his son, and Charlie McGrath discusses his brush with death. This show is a look into personal issues that touch our lives in profound ways