Over the target. Under the radar.

In this episode, which is sure the ruffle a few feathers, we discuss the situation playing out between the armed BLM thugs and activists in Nevada at the Cliven Bundy ranch. Other topics include the return of Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, the Phoenix Jihadist Eric Harroun’s suspicious death, and the Boston Bombing being blamed by the media on Russia.

Charlie McGrath and Doug Owen talk Money, Debt Scams, Ukraine developments, synthetic celebrity meats, among many good rants in Doomcast 34. Special thanks goes out to those that donated and became club 33 members, and please continue to support our completely Doomer supported podcast!

In this episode Blacklisted Radio, Doug Owen interviews Gonzalo Lira on his new novel, A Secret History of The American Crash. 

The book has a fun, yet tragically plausible, scenario of what could play out in America one day. I found it just over the top enough to keep me reading!

“What will happen when the frayed bonds between Americans finally snap, and the United States becomes a free-for-all? In this groundbreaking new novel, Gonzalo Lira creates a mind-blowing alternate history, showing in mesmerizing detail what could happen in an America that’s gone off the tracks. Written from the point of view of the year 2020, the Secret History presents the testimony of eye-witnesses to the events that marked and shaped America between 2014 and 2020″

Want to check it out? Download a FREE SAMPLER: Note your e-reader’s format: .epub is for iPad, Nook, Sony and most other brands, .mobi is for Kindle. Secret History SAMPLER .epub or Secret History SAMPLER .mobi