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Bad Radio. In this weeks episode we take calls from (though probably a very bad idea )Jeff, Bob, and Sovereign. We talk farming to chemtrailling and I get corrected a few times :) I also discuss the ongoing dollar drama with the China-led Infrastructure Bank, and how the IMF actually funds the destruction of infrastructure. Blacklisted Radio is social commentary that attacks political, social, and societal barriers. Doug Owen takes his unique non-partisan and informal approach to tackling current events, news, and issues that resonate with freedom lovers world wide.

This is another podcast adapted from the call in show, in which we finally take a call on air. Kevin in Iowa was the first person to get through, due to my super ability to ignore instant messages during the show. I should send him a t-shirt, and will if I hear from him again. Some news, and rants as well.

I feel really bad about not putting out enough deeper analysis podcasts. I realize many of you feel the same because many of you have texted me, and told me as much. I am doing a show titled "The old gods are dead, long live the iGods." to be released this week!