Doug Owen is the current Senior Editor of, political analyst, and host of the Blacklisted Radio Podcast. Now broadcasting in our 10th year, Doug has been a prominent voice and pioneer of independent online media.

In Doug’s weekly podcast,”Blacklisted Radio,” he takes his unique non-partisan and informal approach to tackling current events and a wide range of topics including geo-politics, the deepstate, culture, art, and war, to name a few.

In the spring of 2006 Doug brought online in a veracious effort to bring attention to under reported news and unpopular views. Doug co-built, co-owned and operated one of the first highly popular online talk radio stations/ podcast networks “The Oracle Broadcasting Network” for 5 years from 2008-2013. A desire to spend more time with his growing family led Doug to move away from large scale content distribution and talent management and shift his focus to the exclusive production and syndication of the Blacklisted Radio Show.