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On this edition of BLN, Doug speaks about:

  • Benjamin Netanyahu in hot water for accepting bribes
  • Planned Parenthood have a new guide in schools say girls have penises
  • The rise of the victim societies – It’s redundant to create laws for them
  • Being called an “evil white male” is Racism.
  • People judge you by what it is you do – If you’re a doctor you will be treated as such
  • John McEnroe has written a book and was on NPR – How dare him not treat Serena equal! *GASP*
  • Transgender in the Military and how it must be catered for
  • Indoctrinating ones children into their parental politics is not a good thing
  • Kids will be a monkey one day and an elephant the next – When a boy says he’s a girl or a girl says she’s a boy, this does not mean they are seriously believing they are
  • Smart phones – Kids having large amounts of screen time due to these devices
  • Back in our day we had to use our imagination instead of a screen
  • Being plugged in 24/7 to this constant echo chamber of information

And much more…

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