Monsanto’s Contributions to US House and Senate Candidates

The amounts allocated under official provisions to candidates in support of their House or Senate election campaign are by no means large.

What is striking, however, is that the contributions are spread out and include a large number of both Republicans and Democrats. 

Whoever wins, Monsanto has the support of the White House, the Senate and the House, not to mention key appoints in the US Department of Agriculture (USDA and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  “While there are numerous points of overlap between Monsanto and the United States Government under the Obama administration, the three most important connections are that of Michael Taylor, Roger, Beachy, and Islam Siddiqui—all three of these Monsanto affiliates were appointed to high level positions within the government by the Obama administration.”

For further details see the incisive article by Josh Sager Monsanto Controls both-the-White House and the US Congress

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Total to Democrats: $72,000
Total to Republicans: $190,500
Recipient  ↓ Total  ↓
Barrow, John (D-GA) $2,500
Bishop, Sanford (D-GA) $5,000
Boehner, John (R-OH) $10,000
Braley, Bruce (D-IA) $5,000
Camp, Dave (R-MI) $5,000
Cantor, Eric (R-VA) $10,000
Clay, William L Jr (D-MO) $10,000
Cleaver, Emanuel (D-MO) $5,000
Conaway, Mike (R-TX) $2,000
Courtney, Joe (D-CT) $4,500
Crawford, Rick (R-AR) $2,500
Fincher, Steve (R-TN) $8,000
Gardner, Cory (R-CO) $7,500
Goodlatte, Bob (R-VA) $4,500
Graves, Sam (R-MO) $5,000
Griffin, Tim (R-AR) $1,000
Guthrie, Brett (R-KY) $1,000
Hanabusa, Colleen (D-HI) $5,000
Hannemann, Mufi (D-HI) $1,000
Hartzler, Vicky (R-MO) $3,000
Holden, Tim (D-PA) $1,000
Huelskamp, Tim (R-KS) $2,500
Hultgren, Randy (R-IL) $2,500
Jenkins, Lynn (R-KS) $2,500
Johnson, Timothy (R-IL) $3,000
King, Steven A (R-IA) $2,500
Kingston, Jack (R-GA) $7,000
Kinzinger, Adam (R-IL) $3,500
Kissell, Larry (D-NC) $5,000
Labrador, Raul (R-ID) $2,000
LaMalfa, Doug (R-CA) $1,000
Landry, Jeff (R-LA) $1,000
Latham, Tom (R-IA) $10,000
Loebsack, David (D-IA) $5,000
Long, Billy (R-MO) $2,500
Lucas, Frank D (R-OK) $10,000
Luetkemeyer, Blaine (R-MO) $5,000
Lungren, Dan (R-CA) $1,000
McIntyre, Mike (D-NC) $1,000
Neugebauer, Randy (R-TX) $1,000
Noem, Kristi (R-SD) $1,000
Nunes, Devin (R-CA) $3,500
Owens, Bill (D-NY) $2,000
Peterson, Collin (D-MN) $10,000
Rogers, Hal (R-KY) $7,500
Rokita, Todd (R-IN) $5,000
Roskam, Peter (R-IL) $1,000
Schilling, Bobby (R-IL) $3,000
Schock, Aaron (R-IL) $5,000
Shimkus, John M (R-IL) $5,000
Simpson, Mike (R-ID) $10,000
Smith, Adrian (R-NE) $5,000
Stutzman, Marlin (R-IN) $5,000
Thompson, Bennie G (D-MS) $10,000
Thompson, Glenn (R-PA) $1,000
Upton, Fred (R-MI) $5,000
Valadao, David (R-CA) $2,500
Wagner, Ann L (R-MO) $10,000
Walden, Greg (R-OR) $1,000
Walorski, Jackie (R-IN) $2,500
Womack, Steve (R-AR) $1,000
Total to Democrats: $37,500
Total to Republicans: $85,000
Recipient  ↓ Total  ↓
Akin, Todd (R-MO) $3,500
Baucus, Max (D-MT) $1,000
Berg, Rick (R-ND) $10,000
Blunt, Roy (R-MO) $10,000
Boozman, John (R-AR) $5,000
Casey, Bob (D-PA) $2,500
Chambliss, Saxby (R-GA) $5,000
Fischer, Deb (R-NE) $5,000
Gillibrand, Kirsten (D-NY) $1,000
Grassley, Chuck (R-IA) $2,000
Hatch, Orrin G (R-UT) $5,000
Hirono, Mazie K (D-HI) $1,000
Johanns, Mike (R-NE) $1,000
Klobuchar, Amy (D-MN) $5,000
Landrieu, Mary L (D-LA) $1,000
Lugar, Richard G (R-IN) $3,000
McCaskill, Claire (D-MO) $5,000
McConnell, Mitch (R-KY) $10,000
Moran, Jerry (R-KS) $2,500
Nelson, Ben (D-NE) $13,000
Rehberg, Denny (R-MT) $2,000
Risch, James E (R-ID) $3,500
Roberts, Pat (R-KS) $9,000
Stabenow, Debbie (D-MI) $8,000
Thompson, Tommy G (R-WI) $5,000
Wicker, Roger (R-MS) $1,000
Wilson, Heather A (R-NM) $2,500

Based on data released by the FEC on March 25, 2013.

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  • donjoy

    I am happy not to see Massachusetts on that list.I think I may send an email to my congressmen,senator and house reps for not having been given any money from monsanto.

  • thomas jefferson

    NO SEX till you pay the whore however much they want,SAME THING WITH GOVERNMENT OFFICALS, I had personal dealings with dennis deconcini when he was a us senator in arizona,he was a criminal then and hes still a criminal,only now he’s a criminal for MONSANTO,just another government whore,gone to the highest bidder,THESE GOVERNMENT OFFICALS don’t work for you anymore,and they don’t have to worry about you doing anything to them, CAUSE THE “POLICE GANG PROTECTS THEM” SO bitch all you want,but till you take down the police gang,the whores in government will do as they dam well feel like,have you noticed how they KILL anyone they want now……..

  • amerikagulag

    They’re not whores. Whores and sluts are FREE – they’re prostitutes. They perform for money.
    “It’s just one big club folks. And YOU ain’t in it! You and I are NOT in the big club.” – George Carlin

  • trueth warrior

    yeah man just give them some round up to drink..that will shut them up ..

  • trueth warrior

    glad we are not in that ass ring kissing stuff just like these scums wonder they smell from a mile its b/c they never stop kissing the zionist elites masters ass rings.. stop voting for these scums..only way to stopping them from doing this ..

  • btb101

    i would call this bribery, why haven’t the cops arrested the bloody lot? oh i forgot, they cant as they take orders from this pile of shitters.
    this lot dont care about you, why should they? theyre lining their own pockets.
    who is going to remember this list come next election? or are you just going to be sheeple and do fuck all….?

  • Dawn

    As well you should!! Anytime someone is doing right they do not always get noticed for it & then wonder if they are having any possible positive impact at all!! I say we find every way to let the assholes know we are aware they are indeed assholes & let the good few know we acknowledge their efforts & encourage them to keep doing well or do even more to help!!

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